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বেশি লাইক পাওয়ার উপায়
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বেশি লাইক পাওয়ার উপায় | ভাইয়া, কত টাকায় কত লাইক দিবেন?

Ways to get more likes on Facebook

Today I am going to discuss a wonderful topic for you. The talk is how much money can a brother like you for!
There are a few ways to increase likes/followers on your page on Facebook. One of them is to give invitations. If you invite everyone on your playlist, they will get notifications and they will not give likes if they wish. You can’t force them here. This method will not cost you any money.
Another way is paid marketing. I mean, adding ads using a promo objective on Facebook increases the likes of the page. You have to count the money for every like. Here too you can’t force anyone to like. Facebook’s job is to get your ad to people.
The issue of liking depends entirely on the wishes of the audience. If they agree to your ad, they like it. In many cases your page turns and then likes it. Since you have no advertiser or hand in liking, no one can say how much money will be spent on how many likes will come.
Ways to get more likes!!!

So the question is how do some pages/bhaiya/boosters/advertisers give 2000 likes (just a number to understand) for Rs. 500? Ways to get more likes

The problem is that those who offer like this will ring twelve of your page if you are not careful. They’ll get you likes as you say, but this like will put you in reverse danger. Because they want to know which type of add they give? What they like – “Like the page if you love the Qur’an”, “Who is the devotee of Mashrafe, like it”, “Who wants the rapists of parimani to be hanged, who wants to like”, etc.
This will bring a lot of likes to your page, but when you add runs for sale on the page (boost), those who come to the page will not complete the quality. Maybe he’ll ask for a price in the inbox and leave, maybe he’ll come and ask for a girlfriend, send a dirty picture. You’ve targeted females but knocks will come from men. Later, if you check their profile, you will see gender females. To stay away from this, you should avoid taking this type of like. Ways to get more likes!!!
Let me tell you a story, you may have heard the story. An old blind woman was sitting next to a large office begging. He had a card in his hand with the card saying “Help me”. This was noticed by one of the men every day while going to the office and at the end of the day he would pay a little money. Ways to get more likes!!!
One morning, the man going to the office took the beggar’s card and wrote something on the opposite side. Since then, 90% of the people who passed by the beggar started helping him with money. So what was written on the card that everyone started paying wants to know? It was written, “How beautiful it is today, oh, I don’t see my burnt forehead in my eyes”.
What did you understand by reading this story? The real thing is content. You can get good likes only if the text and picture that you give during the promotion touch people’s emotions or minds.
After reading the text, I hope you don’t want how much you like from now on, so your page will be good.

Ways to
get more likes

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